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We have a wide range of accessories from bungees and brackets. We also carry tarp repair kits and more. Check out our online catalog

Truck Tarp Accessories:

  • Easy-Off Tarp Bracket:

This heavy-duty bracket is a big time saver when you have to remove or install a tarp. Just pull the top pin and the middle insert folds down out of the way, allowing the tarp pipe to be released!


  • Safety Release Tarp Stop Arm:

This tarp stop arm is able to pivot; unlike others that are solid. This feature allows it to swing down out of the way if it is hit or caught. This simple feature can prevent expensive damage to the tarp, bracket and trailer. The pivoting tarp stop arm is also adjusted by height, which can be an asset if the height of your trailer is already close to being over height. Manufactured by Central Tarp, this bracket is made from high grade steel and then electrically powder coated for long term durability.


  • CenTec™ Arctic Rubber Bungee – 36”:

This Bungee is used to tie down the sides of the Chip Trailer Tarps. In conjunction with high-grade cable it takes up the slack on a settling load of bulk product. 3/4″ “CenTec Arctic Rubber” ensures excellent cold weather performance. The standard length for this pulp mill friendly bungee is 36”.

  • Chip Nets:

We use a high quality chip net mesh that is specifically designed for woodchip hauling and sawdust hauling. We also have the manufacturer add in a special finish that makes the mesh water repellant. This water repellant finish keeps the net substantially lighter in rain and helps prevent ice build-up in the wintertime.

If you are doing your own in-house tarp repairs, we can supply you with the proper glue for your tarps. This glue is designed specifically to work with the type of vinyl Central uses to build your tarp.

If you are doing your own in-house tarp repairs, using this cleaner/solvent thinner with ensure a successful repair. Before you apply your glue on patch, use this product to not only cleaner the area to be patched, but also to prepare the vinyl to bond better to the patch.