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Asphalt and Gravel Truck Tarps


Central Tarp has been custom making premium dump box tarps for gravel and asphalt tarps for over 30 years. These types of tarps are where quality and performance really make a difference to the life span of your tarp. From sharp rocks and jagged disposal waste to sizzling hot asphalt , we’re proud to say that our tarps more than stand up to the challenge.

Our asphalt and gravel truck tarps have been exceeding our customers’ expectations for years and we’re continually striving to remain the best in the business. Here are some of the key features of a Central Tarp asphalt and gravel truck tarps:


R.F. Welded Seams: 10 times stronger than sewn seams and no thread to rot. Where sewing is required, Central uses high quality, U.V. resistant industrial thread.


Double Layered material on sides:  This area of the tarp sees extra abrasion as it rubs against the side rail of the truck box. We fusion weld an addition layer of reinforcing material in this area to protect the tarp. This fusion welded reinforcement is much better than sewing webbing down the side of the tarp. The  thread required to sew the webbing on will be damaged by the abrasion and eventually fail. Webbing also adds extra bulk down the sides of the tarp. This causes the tarp to roll up unevenly and telescope off to the side of the roller pipe. Our fusion welded reinforcement lays flat for a perfectly rolled up tarp, every time. Also fusion welding eliminates the need for thread.


Heavy-Duty Load Strap Option: This is a very popular option of our dump box style tarps. We use top-grade, high-tenacity load strap webbing for all tie downs. Twice as strong as seat belt webbing, high abrasion resistance and longer lasting. This webbing is used to reinforce the pipe pocket area and the area where the tarp bolts to the pipe roller. 9 out of 10 customers request this option on their tarps.


Highest Quality Vinyl Available:  All of Central Tarp’s tarps are made using Premium Shelter-Rite vinyl. This vinyl has proven itself in the field and in the lab to be far superior to other common vinyls. Shelter-Rite vinyl has many patented technologies that make give it exception performance against wind and U.V. break down.




Anti-Abrasion, Heavy Duty tarp thread: Central tarp uses a premium tarp thread designed specifically for its performance in the truck tarp industry. This thread is designed to lay very flat against the tarp, unlike regular thread that is more round in shape.  This significantly reduces abrasion. This thread also has a much higher break strength, with a premium grade U.V. inhibitor.


All of our products are manufactured exclusively in North America.