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Central Tarp: News & Updates

thumbnail September 30, 2014 Vinyl tarps versus canvas tarps

Pros & Cons of Canvas tarps: Pros Canvas is breathable since it is not water-proof. Vinyl is 100% water-proof Cons Price: Quality canvas is 50% to 80% more costly than a quality vinyl. Because canvas — Read more

thumbnail July 23, 2014 How to extend the life of your roll tarp.

Every tarp wears out eventually, even a well built tarp from Central Tarp, but there are two items that can quickly end the life span of your  tarp. They are Wind Whip & Abrasion. If — Read more

thumbnail June 25, 2013 New “Hot Forged D-Rings

New “Hot Forged” D-rings add strength and durability to your tarp attachment system.  Central Tarp uses corrosion resistant, Hot forged rings. These rings are 4 times stronger than the standard rings used on our competitors — Read more

thumbnail June 24, 2013 New Logo for Central Tarp!

Central Tarp and has a new look. We have been a leader in tarping for the chip trailer and bulk hauling industry for over 30 years. Our new look and web presence represent the — Read more